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The Orca Podcasts

Jan 31, 2022

Now hiring - the latest report on job openings across Canada, why this is a pretty good time to work for a bank, and Canada's largest movie theatre chain hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. Bob Price has your January 31 Orca Business Beat, brought to you Mundi Hotels.  

Jan 28, 2022

Why the latest CP Rail earnings were a little off track, Apple's latest numbers will grab your attention, and Canada's wage gauge continues to shift.   Bob Price has your January 28 Orca Business Beat, brought to you by Mundi Hotels.   

Jan 27, 2022

Jody Vance and George Affleck unspin the latest news in local, provincial, federal politics, and much more.

This week, Jody and George are NOT taking a coffee break when the go hard on the cup and bag tax in Vancouver; then housing in Vancouver, there is a better way, but is the Mayor latest idea gonna do it or is it...

Jan 27, 2022

A new alarm bell for B.C. housing, more improvements for the Kelowna airport cleared for takeoff, and a must know consumer alert involving a recall of older model Nissans.  Bob Price has your January 27 Orca Business Beat, brought to you by Mundi Hotels.  

Jan 26, 2022

Not just housing prices are soaring in B.C.'s Lower Mainland, why real estate lawyers are plotting a class action lawsuit against a software provider, and protesting truckers hit a pot hole.  Bob Price is ten-four with the January 26 Orca Business Beat, brought to you by Mundi Hotels.