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The Orca Podcasts

Mar 31, 2022

Welcome to UnSpun - The Orca's current events podcast and YouTube show. Every week, Jody Vance and George Affleck unspin the latest news in local, provincial, federal politics, and much more.

This week, Jody and George believe the jiggy is up for actor Will Smith after his behaviour at the 2022 Oscars and no spin will win for Will, or the Academy, moving forward. Then with rumours of the Pope coming to apologize for the Roman Catholic Church’s involvement in a system of boarding schools that abused Indigenous children in Canada, lawyers at Vatican Inc. are likely advising otherwise and we talk about the future spin on that; and this year’s civic election in Vancouver is shaping up to be one of the ugliest, dirtiest, most chaotic and likely dishonest in the city’s history, but Jody and George have some tips on how to vote that might give you the Council the city needs. All that and more on UnSpun.